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Best vending machines in El Paso Texas!

2016-03-19-02webAre you a new business and want to provide your hard working El Paso employees with a tasty amenity? How about increasing your businesses productivity? Does your El Paso business currently have vending machines but bad service, outdated vending machines, and stale and expired snacks?? Are your employees limited to only Coke or Pepsi products?? Then look no further! Sun City Snacks and Vending will happily replace these for you and offer you unbeatable service that none of the “big vendors” in El Paso, TX can offer. If you are a starting business, no matter what size, give us a call!  We are local to the El Paso area, born and raised, and we know first hand what “El Pasoans” like!

Unbeatable service that none of the big vendors in El Paso, TX can offer!

20151102_142853webUnlike the big competitors  we are an independent local company who own all of our machines! What this means to you is,  YOUR BUSINESS GETS WHAT YOUR EMPLOYEES LIKE!
Unlike Pepsi, or Coke who limit you to their products, or the vendors who pair up with them, we can stock almost any brand of drinks and snacks available! That means if your employees like Pepsi, or Coke, or even 7-UP, we provide what your employees demand! Our pricing is competitive to the pricing of the big vendors as well, and are actually lower than almost any convenience store! So why have your employees make a quick run to the gas station, overpay there, go through traffic, when they can simply step out of their working zone and buy a satisfying snack or cold drink and get back to work.

We provide what your employees demand!

frontpagewebWe offer a wide variety of machines, all custom tailored to YOUR businesses needs and location. We carry many sizes as well, even combo vending machines which have snacks and sodas in one single machine for those smaller break rooms or limited space locations. Sun City Snacks and Vending is happy to service all of the 915 area. From Horizon all the way to the Westside, Northeast, Lower Valley, rural areas as well, even Anthony, N.M., and Santa Teresa N.M. We always strive for great service. Locally owned means we also respond to calls very quickly, and repairs and problems are taken care of immediately. Whether your business is small or large we will get with you to fulfill your vending needs. The way we see it is like a car battery. Do you think about it all day? Talk to your friends about it? Worry about it? NO! You’ve got many important tasks and objectives to get to every day! But winter or summer, you want that battery to just WORK. Same with vending machines! They are to provide you with a want or need , without having you think about it during the day!

We always strive for great service!